A bet for the future

If you want to offer something new and fresh in your feminine hygiene category, choose Organic and Natural Cotton Products. More and more private label companies decide to offer in their assortment these high added value products which enable customer loyalty. Our products have the market recognition and provide a competitive advantage with differentiation. Join the organic cotton trend!

We help to build your brand, a fast and agile process.

What we can offer you?

  • The wider range of natural and organic feminine hygiene products in the market.
  • Market experience.
  • Organic Cotton.
  • Highest quality products manufactured under the strict regulations of the USFDA.
  • Flexibility and constantly new products development.
  • Recognized Certifications which shall also cover your products.
  • Group of professionals at your service to work closely with you to develop your own brand.

We want to know your needs and keep improving.

Colònia la Rabeia, s/n
08660 Balsareny · Barcelona · Spain
Telf.: (+34) 93 839 16 28
Fax: (+34) 93 839 19 44

You can easily contact us completing following application form.

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New autonomous line of manufacturing of pads for feminine intimate hygiene

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