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According to published studies, it is estimated that between 10-15% of the gynecologists visits are caused by vulvar diseases or discomfort. This discomfort can seriously affect the quality of life of women who suffer them.

That’s why the feminine hygiene should be one of our main concerns. Non-natural materials used in some of the products available in the market can favor the occurrence of these problems.

Our products made from Pure Cotton natural fibers are tested as ‘non-irritant’ – hypoallergenic by external laboratories and help to prevent the risk of itching, irritations and allergies.

The menstruation is something natural, what about the feminine hygiene products?

During their fertile life a woman can use more than 12,000 sanitary pads, pantyliners and tampons. For that reason it is essential that they should be made of the highest quality natural materials.

We choose healthier bio or organic food products, we take care of our skin with creams and makeup of the highest quality, but women know the composition of the feminine hygiene products they usually use? Most women believe they are made of cotton because they are white, but that’s not right, as they are usually made from synthetic materials such as plastic, cellulose, viscose, perfumes, etc. That’s why we recommend women to check the composition of the feminine hygiene products and choose products made from natural materials such as cotton products, the skin will be healthier.

Gynecologists and midwives recommend the use of cotton underwear, they also recommend the use of natural cotton feminine hygiene products to prevent skin irritation.


The vulvo-vaginal irritation and the feminine hygiene

Day by day more and more women are suffering from vulvo vaginal irritation (itching, irritation and allergies in the intimate area). Most of them assume that the cause come from in the sensitivity of their skin, but in most cases the origin is much simpler: they are using non-natural feminine hygiene products whose composition and design could be the cause of this discomfort.

The synthetic materials (plastics in contact with skin, superabsorbent, perfumes, etc.) of many conventional products together with their lack of breathability, can create a climate of heat and moisture which is the optimal situation for the growth of bacteria, fungi and irritations.

Vulvo-vaginal irritation can occur at any age of the woman, but is usually more frequent during their fertile period. We cannot forget that the current women trends: daily use of plastic pantyliners, tight pants, thong or underwear made with synthetics, waxing (the hair is a natural protection against friction and for breathability), etc. could also favor the appearance of this irritation.


Cotton Benefits for the Feminine Hygiene

Cotton is a pure and natural fiber with exceptional features very positive for the feminine hygiene:

  • It is Breathable, retains the flow and allows air pass through its fibers.
  • It ensures an optimal level of humidity, it allows the right moisture exchange with the outside reducing the risk of dehydration.
  • It is compatible with the physiological pH, it does not alter the natural acidity of vaginal mucous.
  • It is Hypoallergenic, attenuates and helps to prevent the risk of irritation, infections and allergies.
  • And, moreover that, it is very soft and pleasant on the skin.

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